In 2021, CARICOM IMPACS administered seventy-two (72) training events and three (3) global meetings to seven thousand, eight hundred and fifty-one (7,851) law enforcement, security, and judicial professionals.   In addition, some programmes were repeated to ensure participation from ALL Member States, resulting in thirty-four (34) new training courses being delivered in 2021. The number of training activities and attendees has increased over the last three (3) years.

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Using this virtual training mode, it is estimated that there was accumulated travel cost savings totalling nine million, four hundred and eighty-seven thousand, four hundred and seven dollars (USD 9,487,407) given the number of persons trained and where persons would have been travelling from. Furthermore, the gap in gender disaggregation is narrowing, which means that more women are assigned to training.

Travel Cost Savings | Jan - Jun 2021

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