Ms. Melissa Morgan​

Director, Bureau Of Gender Affairs, Dominica​

Biography - Melissa Morgan​

CFO & Founder

Melissa Morgan, Director (Ag.), Bureau of Gender Affairs, Ministry Of Youth Development and Empowerment, Youth at Risk, Gender Affairs, Seniors Security and Dominicans with Disabilities


Ms. Morgan has 7 years of practical experience in gender research, post disaster needs assessments, project development and implementation, policy development, gender mainstreaming and analysis.  Throughout these years, she has advanced through progressively more responsible and senior positions at the Bureau of Gender Affairs. 

She is responsible for incorporating gender perspectives into governments’ plans, policies and programs and continues to work towards the achievement of Sustainable Development Goal 5 – Achieve gender equality and empower all women and girls in Dominica.   Also, she was instrumental in the refinement and the acceleration of approval for the Draft Dominica National Gender Policy 2019.  More recently, she has worked jointly with the Foreign Affairs Division in the preparation of human rights treaty reports and has been an active member of the committee responsible for the preparation of Dominica’s 2019 UPR report. 

Her education qualifications include a Bachelor’s of Arts in Psychology, Masters of Science in Project Management and a Certificate in Gender and Development among others.