Mr. Albert Sandy​

Permanent Secretary, Caribbean Customs Law Enforcement Council (CCLEC)

Biography - Albert Sandy​

CFO & Founder

Albert V. Sandy from June 2018 has been Permanent Secretary of the Caribbean Customs Law Enforcement Council (CCLEC). The CCLEC is a Council of thirty-nine Customs departments and Border Security Agencies of North America, Central America, the northern nations of South America, the UK, France, Spain and the Kingdom of the Netherlands. He is charged with the general direction of CCLEC and is mandated to develop and implement initiatives and projects to support and improve members’ capacities to achieve their national mandates of Revenue Collection, Border Security and Trade Facilitation. He is also charged with CCLEC’s transition from the current MOU organization to a treaty organization, The Caribbean Customs Organization (CCO).


For thirty-four years, Mr. Sandy worked as a Customs and Excise officer at the St. Lucia Customs and Excise department and rose to the position of Assistant Comptroller Enforcement. He functioned in most departmental disciplines and spent many years in Border Security and Law Enforcement. He was engaged in the development of Special Operations Teams in St. Lucia and other Caribbean countries under successful CCLEC RAASI initiatives. Mr. Sandy actively supported the planning and implementation of several Border Security initiatives in the Americas by regional and international organizations.