Ms. Emma Beckles

Programme Officer Commonwealth Secretariat

Biography Emma Beckles

CFO & Founder

As the Programme Officer, Ms Beckles is responsible for the delivery of the Commonwealth Secretariat’s Cyber Capability Programme, which enhances the capacity of Member countries to implement the Commonwealth Cyber Declaration.   Ms Beckles has worked in policy development for over 15 years particularly on the implementation of international multilateral agreements.   

Prior to joining the Commonwealth Secretariat, Ms Beckles worked for the UK Government as the Evidence Advisor for Flood and Coastal Erosion Risk Management for England and Wales.  

Ms Beckles also worked for the Government of Barbados as a Technical Officer managing the implementation of the Montreal Protocol and Ozone protection programming in Barbados.   Ms Beckles has a MSC in Natural Resource Management from the University of the West Indies , Cave Hill, Barbados and recently became a Certified Information Security Risk Manager.