Commodore Raymond E. King​

Commander Defence Force Royal Bahamas Defence Force ​

Biography - Commodore Raymond E. King​

CFO & Founder

Commodore Raymond E. King, Royal Bahamas Defence Force currently as the Commander of the Royal Bahamas Defence Force (Commander Defence Force) in the Ministry of National Security. Prior to Commodore King’s appointment as the third Deputy Commander Defence Force in October 2019; King served as the Port Controller under secondment with the Ministry of Transport with responsibility for the regulation of the maritime industry, maritime safety and environmental protection as the Admiralty Marshal for the Commonwealth of The Bahamas.


Commodore King enlisted in the Defence Force in January 1987 serving onboard HMBS Exuma and HMBS David Tucker as a Marine then Able Mechanic through 1989. In November 1989, Commodore King was granted an appointment as a Midshipman, completed his officer training at the Britannia Royal Naval College, Dartmouth, England in 1990 and received his commission in 1992.


During his career, Commodore King held various afloat and ashore-based appointments ranging from Commanding, Executive, Operations, and Navigation Officer including Administrative Command billets respectively.  


  • Sea-going command appointments comprise: Commanding Officer of HMBS Nassau, Commanding Officer HMBS Yellow Elder, Commanding Officer HMBS P42, and Commanding Officer P37.  Other operational appointments include: Executive and Operations Officer HMBS Bahamas, Executive Officer HMBS Port Nelson, and Navigation Officer HMBS Yellow Elder. 


  • Administrative Command Billets consists of: Acting Commander Defence Force, Deputy Commander Defence Force, Commander Administration; Commanding Officer, Southern Command; Training Officer; Personnel Officer (HQ); and Administration and Human Resource Officer (CHB). Additionally, Commander King has served two tours as the Assistant Base Supply Officer, Coral Harbour Base.


Commodore Raymond King has participated in many international courses and maintains fellowships with the Inter-American Defence College, United States Defence Institute of International Legal Studies, Center for Hemispheric Defence Studies, Navy Supply Corps School, United States Naval War College and the Maritime Port Authority of Singapore. .


Academically, Commodore King has attained a Doctor of Education Degree, Masters of Business Administration Degree, Bachelor of Arts Degree and an Associate of Science Degree. Additionally, Commodore King is a Co-author of two Conference Accepted Research Papers and the author of the Dissertation Research which examined the scientific “Effect of Organizational Agility on Transnational Crime in Jamaica” in 2015.


Commodore King is the recipient of several medals and commendations which includes the 18th year Long Service & Good Conduct Medal, 25th and 30th year Rosettes, and Letters of Commendation from the Commander of the Royal Bahamas Defence Force in 2011 and 2015.


Commodore Raymond King has also served nationally as a member of the National Disaster Committee, National Anti-Drug Secretariat, National Boundary Delimitation Commission, Chairman of the Defence Commission Board, Chairman of the Docks Committee, Negotiation Committee (Global Port Holding Public-Private-Partnership of Nassau Cruise Port), and the Operations Steering Committee, Nassau Cruise Port Ltd.