Caribbean Community for Crime and Security

The Caribbean Community (CARICOM) Implementation Agency for Crime and Security (IMPACS) was established by the Twenty Seventh Meeting of the Conference of Heads of Government in July 2006, in Bird Rock, St Kitts and Nevis, as the implementation arm of a new Regional Architecture to manage CARICOM’s action agenda on crime and security.

At this Meeting, the Heads of Government signed an Inter-Governmental Agreement establishing the Agency as a legal entity, with direct responsibility for research, monitoring and evaluation, analysis and preparation of background documents and reports, as well as project development and implementation of the regional Crime and Security agenda

The Agency comprises:

      • Implementation Agency for Crime and Security (IMPACS) Agency Headquarters, located in Trinidad and Tobago
      • Joint Regional Communications Centre (JRCC) A sub-agency, located in Barbados
      • Regional Intelligence Fusion Centre (RIFC) A sub-agency, located in Trinidad and Tobago
CARICOM IMPACS is part of the Regional Framework for Crime and Security which was established at the 26th Meeting of the Conference of Heads of Government in Vieux Forte, Saint Lucia in July 2005. Upon the establishment of the Framework, the Heads of Government also declared “Security” as the Fourth Pillar of CARICOM- the other three pillars being Foreign and Community Relations, Trade and Economic Integration and Functional Cooperation.


The Conference of Heads of Government, at its Twenty-second meeting, in July 2001, established a Regional Task Force on Crime and Security to identify, analyze and recommend a way forward in dealing with the fundamental causes of Crime and Security threats in the Region. The recommendations of the Task Force for a Regional Action Agenda and a new regional framework for the development and management of Crime and Security issues was endorsed. The establishment of the framework was approved in July 2005 at the Twenty-sixth session of the Conference of Heads of Government. Read More